Kad Farang Village

Kad farang Village is being renovated for a new appearance. Managed by Muen Saen Property Company Limited, it focuses on being a lifestyle community mall which will provide catering services,entertainment,health and business services. We aim to be a convenient and nature-friendly mall,meeting the needs of the local people and becoming a new meeting place in Chiang Mai Province.

Design Concept

Chiang Mai chill out city lifestyle

Affiliated Businesses

Tarn Dong Group is a real-estate developer group with more than 30 years of experience in Chiang Mai Province and Nonthaburi Province. It consists of affiliated business project as follows.

  • Tarn Dong Park Ville
    a housing and allocated land project on more than 400 rai located on the Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road.
  • Tarn Pradubdoi Long Stay
    a private residence for foreigners in a special zone, in which accommodates for both short and long-term visits.www.tarnpradubdoi.com
  • The consulate
    a project specially designed for foreign residence, which is developed to license standards including international-class security and fully provided facilities.
  • Redbrick Guesthouse
    a residence for foreign tourists who prefer to stay closer to the city center. Located on Rakaeng Road, Muang Distric in Chiang Mai, it is 1 kilometer from Night Bazaarhe. www.redbrickadventure.com


The project design has been divided into various zones to meet the needs of different customers as follows:

  • Zone : Dining
  • Zone : Kids & Edutainment
  • Zone : Health & Beauty
  • Zone : Service & Others
  • Zone : KAD WELCOME (Food Center)